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Skiing Adventures with Janel Smietana

It’s been a very long winter. Every time I think it’s heating up, we get slammed with a batch of more snow. That shouldn’t get you down however, since there are many fun winter activities abound. Recently Janel Smietana and Josh Cole took a ski trip to Ellicotville, New York. The snow was in abundance in the area, that is until it was our time to bask in the glory of our winter spot. It rained and warmed up, much to our dismay, but Josh and Janel were troopers and proceeded with great focus and intent to get our ski portion of the trip!

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Janel A. Smietana of New York.

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Janel A. Smietana’s Tips for a Fit 2014

Dr. Janel Smietana owns a 3D Laser TV, but she also understands fitness requires getting off the couch sometimes.

It’s that time of year, or a little bit after the fact. By now, you or I have either stayed with our new years resolution or let it greatly drift us by. Studies do show that if you stick to something for about 21 days or more, you are likely to make it a habit.

-What worked for me, I always thought calorie logging was kind of BS. Keeping track can be tedious and what difference did it make. Well, that is when I found out about this little fantastic, again FANTASTIC website/app http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ My profile on there is under my name, Janel Smietana.

-Another thing I tried was Zumba. Being a former cheerleader, gymnast and dancer, it barely feels like a workout. I also feel like I am learning a new dance routine because I am. It is a great time and helps a lot.

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LG ‘Hecto’ Laser TV Projector

Coming to the 2013 CES, the LG “Hecto” Laser TV a 1080p projector that can change the way owners design their home theater. If you’d like to use it as an all-in-one home theater to go (the screen is included, picture after the break), it also has a digital tuner and 10w speakers built-in, with three HDMI inputs, an RS-232 port and Smart TV capabilities controlled by LG’s Magic Remote. As you can see above, it follows LG’s “Dynamic Arc Design” with a max height of just 5.7-inches. It carries a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio with WiDi and Miracast compatibility and LG claims the laser system will run for up to 25,000 hours without replacement.

No price has been announced, but this projector only needs an amazing 22 inches to create a 100 inch image!

From Engadget

3D TV &Laser TV News &Laser Television 21 Oct 2012 07:48 am

HDI to Release 103 inch Laser 3DTV

According to a recent interview with HDI CEO Ingemar Jansson, the ship date for its 103-inch, laser-based TV is still on track, with a $10,000 price tag being placed on it when ordered “in volume.”

Specs here

Laser TV News &Laser Television 07 Feb 2012 10:43 pm

Mitsubishi 75-inch LaserVue TV Wins Energy Star Most Efficient Award

Mitsubishi’s 75-inch LaserVue TV has won the Most Efficient Energy Star designation for 2012, making it one of the most energy-efficient TVs 55 inches or larger in the United States.

Mitsubishi’s LaserVue L75-A94is the largest TV to be recognized in the Most Efficient EPA Energy Star rankings. The TV’s laser-light source delivers cinema-like color at a fraction of the power consumption of similarly-sized TVs, Mitsubishi says. The LaserVue L75-A94 operates at less than 85 watts, below the Energy Star 5.3 requirement of 108 watts.

“Meeting the Energy Star Most Efficient criteria demonstrates the value of Mitsubishi’s innovative laser TV technology,” says John Hwang, senior product manager, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America. “Based on size, viewing experience and energy efficiency, the LaserVue is a great choice for energy-conscious consumers and those who want an unmatched home theater experience.”

Lasers require minimal energy to create an extensive range of rich, deep color, clarity and immersive depth of field, says the company.

Laser TV News &Laser Television 29 Oct 2011 09:14 am

Laser Phosphor Display Gets Huge Funding

It’s being widely published, Prysm, a San Jose-based developer of digital display technology, said it has landed $100 million in new funding to begin volume production of its Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology, which allows for life-size digital experiences from any viewing angle. The identities of the investors were not disclosed.

The company, which now has attracted more than $135 million since its inception, said its displays are already in use by brands such as American Eagle Outfitters and People’s United Bank in Boston, as well as CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer and Dubai Sports TV. Prysm’s laser technology is based on their patented method of using lasers reflected off a bank of micromirrors to excite pixels on the television screen in a similar way to cathode ray tubes.

“We are now in volume production and investing in training and support for our solutions in major markets around the world,” said founder and CEO Amit Jain. Prysm’s vice president of panel development and manufacturing, Patrick Tan, pointed out the fact that its technology has almost no requirement for new components gives the company a great advantage. All components, including the phosphors, mirrors and lasers are widely available, which makes development time short and reduces the time before production can be ramped up.

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Laser TV News &Laser Television 20 Mar 2011 09:50 am

Laser TV Update

Mitsubishi announced last week that it is restructuring the company through a plan that will see a reduced workforce, and a refocus to the production and sales of large-screen visual displays in both its commercial and consumer business units. The home model of its laser-powered Laservue (less than 73 inches) will be discontinued, but the company is determined to concentrate on micro display rear and front-projection systems measuring 73 inches and larger.

In other news, sources are reporting the Australian based Arasor International is close to folding. This claim comes nearly three years after the company allegedly reported false statements about key laser tv patents it held and its alliance with Mitsubishi’s marketing of the Laservue.

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Mitsubishi Laservue Laser TV

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Mitsubishi Prototype Laser Backlight LCD TV

Mitsubishi Laser Backlight LCD TV

Mitsubishi Electric debuts plans to release a Laser Backlight LCD TV in Japan later this year. Its backlight unit includes red laser diodes and cyan LEDs. Compared with Mitsubishi Electric’s existing LCD TVs, which use white LEDs for backlight, the color gamut of the new TV is about 1.3 times wider. It is a 126% color gamut on NTSC standards. The color red is realized by the laser light source and the colors green and blue are realized by the cyan LEDs.

The backlight of the prototyped 46-inch LCD TV is the edge-lit type. It uses a few dozen of the red laser diodes and several hundred of the cyan LED. Because of the divergent angles between a laser and an LED, Mitsubishi Electric developed an optical system for evenly mixing lights from them. As a result, the unevenness of color was mitigated, the company said.

Read more at Techon.

3D TV &Laser TV News 22 Jan 2011 07:16 pm

75-inch LaserVue TV

The Mitsubishi L75-A91 Laser TV is the ultimate HD TV experience. Powered by the crystal clear purity of laser light, this TV is currently selling for $5,147.00 on Amazon and comes 3D ready. To enjoy the dozens of 3D movies flooding the market, Mitsubishi is also selling a Mitsubishi 3D Adapter and glasses for owners to partake in the 3D experience. The Mitsubishi 3D Starter Pack includes a 3D Adapter, two pair of 3D glasses and matching emitter. The Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 3D HDTV Starter kit on Amazon for $320.

Mitsubishi introduced the LaserVue as the world’s first Laser TV. Precise and focused, the purity of laser provides twice the color of current HD TVs, consumes less power and provides the best 3D viewing experience.

HD Free For Life and other great specials.

Laser TV News &Laser Television 13 Sep 2010 08:03 pm

Laser Developments

Polish researchers have discovered a cost-effective way to produce high quality crystals of pure gallium nitride.  Before you look away, you must realize this could revolutionize the manufacture of several high-technology products.

Polish crystal to revolutionize hi-tech products

Gallium nitride is a semiconductor commonly used in bright light-emitting diodes (LED). It can emit the whole spectrum of colors including violet, green, red and blue. A gallium nitride violet laser diode in used in the Blu-ray disc technologies and in game consoles. “Soon gallium nitride will be used to produce miniature laser TV projectors built in laptops, mobile phones or watches which will emit HD images,” Robert Dwilinski, Ammono’s president and founder, told IEEE Spectrum. “Laser projectors will probably oust big, energy consuming and expensive LCD TVs. It is estimated that the demand for laser TVs will reach up to two billion a year,” adds Dwilinski.  From thenews.pl.

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